• Attribution:  Each image, video, and other media element is given attribution.
  • Captions:  Each image, video, and other media element includes a caption.
  • Byline:  The byline accurately reflects the narrative’s authorship.


  • Subtitle:  The subtitle is concise (just a few words) and enhances/clarifies the narrative’s title.
  • Data Visualizations:  Selective use of data visualizations can make complex datasets accessible.
  • Maps:  Identify the location(s) associated with your topic to provide context.


  • Text is presented in a manner that is visually appealing and encourages the reader to engage and keep reading the entire narrative.
  • BreakoutsCards, and Doublescontainers are used to create a “flow” and provide the reader with a dynamic reading experience.
  • Media elements are selected because they help the reader better understand the topic—they are NOT simply decoration or a visual distraction to the narrative.


  • Sources are cited in the body of the narrative.
  • A Cited Sources section is located at the end of the narrative.