This guide will demonstrate how to use certain components within the digital narrative.

Add Featured Media

To add featured media to your narrative:

  1. Under the Featured Media section, click the button labeled Add Media.
  2. A modal window labeled “Add or Select Media” will appear. To upload new media to the site, click the button labeled Choose File. If you have already uploaded your media to the site, select the desired media by clicking on its thumbnail and then clicking the Insert Selected button to confirm your selection.

    When uploading new media, you will be prompted to provide Alternative Text for the image (a short description of the image needed for accessibility purposes). Other fields include Copyright Status, Crop (which allows you to set the image’s focal point), and Citation (attribution information for the image).

    After completing these fields, click the button Select and Insert Media to add the image to your narrative.

  3. Next, choose the display option for your featured media and provide a caption.


For low resolution images, or images that appear pixelated, select Partial width as the display option for your featured media.

Embed Ensemble Video/Audio or Other iframe

To embed an Ensemble-based video, audio file, or other iframe into your narrative:

  1. In the Main Content section of the narrative form, click the button labeled Add Text.

  2. Choose iframe from the dropdown menu labeled Text format.

  3. Paste your Ensemble embed code or other embed code into the text box. 

  4. Save your narrative and confirm the results.

Add a Reference to Existing Content

To reference an existing content, such as a Timeline, StoryMap, or Location:

  1. In the Main Content section of the narrative form, click the button labeled Add Content Reference.

  2. Next, click the button labeled Add existing Content.

    An iframe with tabs labeled My Content and All Content will appear.

  3. Select the desired content from the My Content tab or the All Content tab by clicking the checkbox next to the title of the content you want to include.

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the iframe and click the blue button labeled Select Content (not the gray Add Content button).


Content listed in the All Content tab are content added to the site by other site users.